Mini Desktop Crane Mobiles

In December of 2008, I was looking for a unique holiday gift to deliver to a number of my clients. I eventually came up with the idea to create these mini-desktop crane mobiles. I attached a little tag with my name and website on them and sent them out to a handful of clients (those that had kept me particularly busy throughout the year and/or those that I thought would appreciate the kind of unique/odd gift) :)

I eventually created a number of extras and attempted to sell them on – however, in order to show some kind of a profit on the item, I had to price them in the range of about $15 (and even then, my profit margin was pretty low). I had a handful of them listed on Etsy and most of the listings expired without a sale. (I sold only two) I also donated two of them to be auctioned off to benefit the Girl Scouts.

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